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Chain handbag for people and carry method

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A must-have fashion accessory for many beauty-loving girls, especially for young girls and celebrities who love a little fragrance. And chains have become a fashion element of many handbags. The next is an introduction to the people who are suitable for chain handbags and the way to carry them.

Here is the content list:

Chain handbag suitable for people

The way to carry a chain handbag

Chain handbag suitable for people

It is said that "what suits you is the best", and this is a good saying. The style of the chain handbag can be described as a lot of people dazzled, but we must not blindly follow the trend, must be by their age, style, body and other conditions to choose the most suitable with their style, to add color to their light.

Quiet girls choose: solid color basic models

Although the solid color of the basic model chain handbag color and style will not have the kind of bright feeling, because of the simplicity and look incredibly gentle, and basically will not go with the wrong. Quiet girls are most suitable for this style, if you like enthusiasm to choose light-colored models, if you like calm and elegant to choose the black and white solid color style.

Fashion trendsetters choose: transparent design models

A transparent chain handbag in daily life is rare, so it can immediately make people feel it's unique and original. If you are a cool girl in pursuit of fashion, then you can't miss this handbag, which will allow you to be the brightest girl on the street. But daily commuting women carrying this handbag will not look every day enough.

Professional women's choice: the classic model with clashing colors

Classic models of chain handbags, whether cubic or trapezoidal and other shapes, can easily create the professional women need to be stable and competent, there will be no dragging feeling. The color of the backpack, or the chain, can be added to the monotony of the vivid elements, clean and clear at the same time never dead dull.

The way to carry a chain handbag

Traditionalist: Cross-handbag method

The chain handbag has a long history and was once misunderstood by many people as the "old-school aristocratic" type. But this handbag, which used to be seen as old-school or even old-fashioned, is now returning to the mainstream view through the hipster's re-match. If your chain handbag does not have the shape of the pineapple, you can choose the "back method" to show a large LOGO, or don't in the hip side, so that people can immediately recognize her classic fashion attitude.

Portable faction: hand-carried backpack method

Chain handbag as the name suggests highlights the chain in the overall handbag type of smooth and metallic sense to capture the soul of the design of the single product, the chain handbag wrapped around the wrist, or directly hand-holding the body, so that the chain becomes through the back of the hand accessories, casual without losing the femininity. Whether you are an elegant daughter or a capable professional woman is very suitable, the way to hold the chain handbag is portable and fashionable, showing the charm of the chain handbag.

Fresh school: briefcase style clutch method

How to make the chain handbag back that is practical more become the biggest highlight of the overall look "the latest interpretation of the runway" briefcase-style clutch method "is not bad: the small chain handbag clamping to the side of the body, arm bending, seemingly random but especially the European and American superstar model. However, this type of handbag should not be placed in too many items. The bulging handbag type not only affects the aesthetics, slender arms clip out biceps can be a big eyesore.

See here, you are not also on this year's fire this chain handbag moved it? If you do not have a chain handbag, go and pick one for yourself! I believe you will be able to find the one that suits you, carrying it you are the most dazzling girl on the street!

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