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Crossbody bag deformation and pleating treatment

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A crossbody bag is a functional shoulder bag suitable for different occasions, we often use it in our daily life. Crossbody bags are likely to be deformed or wrinkled if they are not used for a long time or if you do not pay attention when using them, so what should you do? Next are some ways to introduce.

Here is the content list:

What should I do if my crossbody bag is deformed?

How to do when the leather crossbody bag produces wrinkles?

What should I do if my crossbody bag is deformed?

The paper ball will be removed after a day so that the satchel can be restored to its original shape. There are hard objects at home, you can press the swollen satchel to restore its original shape, but it should be noted that do not press for too long, otherwise, it is more troublesome to deal with later when it is pressed and bent. The reason why the crossbody bag will be deformed, most of the reason is because of inappropriate placement of items, to avoid the restoration of the original shape of the crossbody bag continues to deformation, usually be careful not to put too many items into the crossbody bag, to control a little, control within the bearable range.

How to do when the leather crossbody bag produces wrinkles?

If a leather crossbody bag is stored for more than half a year, the leather fibers in the leather are prone to dry and brittle, and the bottom of the bag will shrink and deform. At this time, it is best not to use immediately, to the bottom to brush a layer of water, every other day leather bag will naturally stretch and restore the original. If the leather crossbody bag long-term does not rub oil, leather bag oil dissipation, so that the leather hard, at this time, apply a layer of petroleum jelly, to be absorbed and then rub oil, the leather surface will become soft. If the leather satchel is too dry, can also be used a piece of fat or chicken fat, repeatedly rubbing, and then baked with a slight fire, so that the oil seeped into the leather layer, after two days with alcohol cotton balls will be wiped clean leather bag, and then on a layer of oil, the bag surface on the oil shiny. If the leather satchel such as a little wrinkle or crack, you can first apply some egg white, and then oil, if it is a larger wrinkle, you can fill the paraffin wax in the wrinkle crack, iron flat. If none of the above methods work, then you can go to a professional leather maintenance location or go to the place where you bought the bag should first do maintenance, let professionals help you restore your beloved leather crossbody bag.

Shanghai Avenues Co. Ltd reminds you that when a crossbody bag is deformed or wrinkled, don't panic, please follow the above methods to deal with it properly.

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