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How should I accessorize my waist bag?

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Waist bags not only improve the waistline and elongate the leg line but also cover up the excess belly fat, which is not too fragrant! But many girls still can't get a good grasp on choosing a waist bag, so today we'll talk to you about how a waist bag goes with it from a few aspects!

Here is the content list:

  1. First according to the fabric to choose

  2. According to the tone to choose

  3. According to different elements to choose

First according to the fabric to choose

Cloth fabric

The choice of advice: the choice of cloth bread bag is relatively easy, waist bag style and color variety, and the price is not high, you can choose with their clothes color similar to the good color, the style is simple and generous can be, and literary model of cloth waist bag or photo concave modeling tool, you can make good use of up.

Nylon fabric

The nylon waist bag is very practical and cost-effective, and you don't have to worry about wear and tear. The nylon waist bag is very versatile and the material is not easily deformed and wrinkled, so it is also suitable to be used for modeling. But girls can choose a small volume in the spring and summer to embellish the overall outfit.

According to the tone to choose

Bright colors

Selection advice: bright color overall is a warm tone, visually there will be an area to enlarge the effect, so in the waist bag with the time, it is recommended that customers use a combination of contrasting colors. The whole outfit can be understated, reducing the use of color. Also pair it with a waist bag, which will highlight the presence of the waist bag and brighten up the outfit.

Classic colors

The black color gives people a sense of calmness and simplicity, and its versatility is the highest among these colors, and the black and brown waist bag is very good with clothes, no matter what colors are matched together. The white waist bag is also very eye-catching, but it is a bit unforgiving.

According to different elements to choose

Printed elements

The element of camouflage has a strong sense of style and is more masculine, so girls who like unisex style can consider looking at it, and matching it with workwear style clothes will be very appropriate. The letter print or graffiti print waist bag is more street style, and the overall take a handsome street style is very good.

Alphabet elements

If you choose the Mimi type of small waist bag, then the proportion of letter elements try to choose less, otherwise, it is easy to cause too fancy feeling; if it is normal size waist bag, then according to different styles, to choose the proportion of different letter elements, reasonable can be, of course, the most important thing is that everyone according to the different styles, to get the letters The most important thing is to get the letters according to the style.

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