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How to buy the ideal waist bag?

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As we all know, waist bag has many roles and is a fantastic item that has the dual role of showing thinness and height. It can not only raise the waistline, but also lengthen the leg line, and can cover the excess fat of the abdomen. Carrying it gives a feeling of thinness and height from afar. But to choose a good-looking and practical waist bag is still not easy, so how to buy one or several ideal waist bags, we can start from the following aspects.

Here is the content list:

  1. Color

  2. Material

  3. Shape

  4. Details

  5. Workmanship


Select waist bag first choose your favorite color, waist bag is not isolated, it can be matched with the top, so first, choose your favorite color and pattern. Of course, the purchase is not necessarily limited to the clothes you currently wear to match, but also with the clothes you want to buy, or the clothes you already have at home or other food to match.


Waist bag material there are many kinds, including natural leather, synthetic leather, imported PU, domestic PU, plastic, cloth, nylon, animal fur, straw, etc., pay attention to choose the right material, general leather bags and nylon waist bag is more common, you can also choose according to their preferences.


Selection of sports waist bag first of all, of course, color, shape, which is very important, sports waist bag and clothes, belts, shoes, and even headwear, etc. will play a mutual matching effect. So, the first step is to choose the color and style you like. Do not limit yourself to the clothes you wear now, you can consider the clothes you want to buy, or your favorite style to match. If it fits your usual style then there is no problem. If you buy waist bags online, you also need to consider the size of the problem.


Choose waist bag also pay attention to some details, such as the length of the waist bag straps, whether the pattern is suitable for their own, how the workmanship process, zippers, and other processing is in place. There is also a need to focus on the details is the size of the waist bag, waist bag is generally small, should not buy too large, of course, too small is not practical, you can choose the right size waist bag according to the volume of items to be loaded.


Identification waist bag workmanship can be tested mainly through several methods. Including pulling a pull to see if it is easy to line, there is no balance, stitching is not loose, skewed, leather has no wrinkles, handle, buckle and other hardware is strong, there are no large scratches. As well as waist bag within the function is complete, such as cell phone pockets, concealed pockets, ID pockets, etc. In addition, you can touch to see whether the waist bag lining is relatively strong, durable, how it feels, there is no odor. In addition, for the zipper of the bag, we waist bag should focus on checking whether the zipper is strong.

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