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How to care for your Waist bag

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The waist bag is now a must-have item for many people on the go. There are various materials and styles available, and for fashionistas, waist bags are indispensable when it comes to dressing up or down. However, after some time, there are always deformations, wrinkles, and aging. Learn how to take care of your waist bag and keep it with you for longer!

Here is the content list:

  1. How do I clean it when it gets dirty?

  2. Can I wash it in the washing machine?

  3. What should I do if my bag is badly creased?

  4. Correct usage habits

  5. Commonly used cleaning agents or tools

How do I clean it when it gets dirty?

The nylon waist bag is generally dirty, first wipe with water and cloth, if not then use a neutral cleaner on the waist bag cloth or a small brush to gently wipe or brush.

Can I wash it in the washing machine?

Waist bags can be placed in a laundry bag for gentle cleaning, but this is not recommended. Washing in the washing machine will damage the water-resistant surface of the bag and shorten the life of the bag (including the fabric, zips, hardware, etc.).

What should I do if my bag is badly creased?

Waist bags can be gently ironed using an iron, it is best to use an upright steam iron and hang the bag on its feet (to avoid the ironing process being too hot), repeat a little ironing for the wrinkled part of the waist bag to improve it, do not put it flat for too long for a single part to avoid burning the waist bag; for leather, put a cloth on the leather and then iron it again. For leather, a cloth is placed on top of the leather and then ironed, which takes more time due to indirect heating.

Correct usage habits

Correct usage habits can extend the life of your waist bag. New bags must avoid collision with hard and sharp objects, scratching, to avoid surface scratching and hooking. Avoid putting heavy items inside the bag to avoid wrinkling and deformation. Long periods of direct light and warmth can cause discoloration, discoloration, and deformation of the waist bag. It is best not to put things like make-up directly in the bag, but to use a make-up bag.

Commonly used cleaning agents or tools

Commonly used cleaning tools: detergent, Amway, Billi beads, toothpaste, alcohol, eraser, soft brush, bleach, 84 disinfectant (only for white waist bag treatment) do-it-yourself cleaning agents: appropriate amount of water (not too much) into the milk > 50 grams, detergent 30 grams, alcohol 20 grams, with a soft brush dipped in the mixed liquid, gently brush, and then use a wet towel to the foam can be wiped away. (Ordinary soup spoon a spoon of water is about 15 grams), I hope that the babies in you enjoy waist bag for you to bring the cheerful mood, must pay attention to maintenance, to make your waist bag with more beautiful lasting you!

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