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How to choose a crossbody bag?

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Crossbody bags, as the name implies, are bags that can be carried diagonally. The bag is no longer a woman's patent, the bag has also become one of the accompanying items for men to go out, especially the crossbody bag, not only convenient and generous. So how to choose a crossbody bag? The next is some introduction.

Here is the content list:

  1. Look at the handcrafted textures

  2. Look at the cost performance

  3. Look at the quality of leather

  4. Look at the structure design

  5. Look at the size

Look at the handcrafted textures

No matter how much time you spend shopping for a crossbody bag, you want to buy one that is well made. Once you've chosen a style, make sure you look carefully at the surface and compartment of the crossbody to make sure there are no unstitched areas and that the straps are attached in a sturdy position before paying. If there are metal accessories, be sure to understand whether the material is prone to fading, whether the buttons and zippers function perfectly, etc. These are methods that should not be ignored. The most important thing is the quality of the stitching process between the shoulder belt waistband and the bag body, the fabric, the bag cover, and the bag body, to ensure the necessary stitching solidity, and for women crossbody bags, the workmanship and leather are exceptionally important.

Look at the cost performance

In the selection of the bag according to its leather texture, workmanship fine degree, and price ratio to choose. If a crossbody bag is fine workmanship, trendy style and with a simple style, leather selection of high-quality materials, feel soft, get the real thing will be found to be value for money, so it is a perfect choice.

Look at the quality of leather

Women's crossbody bag leather will appear under the pressure of the finger fine grain, and the better the leather, the better the elasticity and fullness of the leather. Cowhide grain is dense, the pores are irregularly dotted arrangement, and we are the choice of high-quality natural leather, soft to the touch, exquisite workmanship, step by step, the ladies leather sublimation to the extreme.

Look at the structure design

For the crossbody bag, its structural design is the most important, because it determines the bag's practical, durable, comfortable, and many other aspects of performance. Crossbody bag function is not the more the better, the overall design should be simple and practical and avoid fancy. Our crossbody bag reflects this, specially developed for modern business, adheres to the simple and fashionable style, lets ladies become elegant messenger, is the best choice for ladies' success and fashion embodiment. The classic and popular style of crossbody bags will never go out of style.

Look at the size

Various brands of crossbody bag size vary, with the effect of clothes are not the same, when buying, according to their own body type and usual wearing habits to choose.

Shanghai Avenues Co. Ltd suggests that you can follow the above method to select a crossbody bag.

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