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How to choose a handbag?

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The so-called "handbag" to cure all diseases, "handbag" to cover everything, it can be seen that the handbag has extraordinary significance to women. So how should I choose a handbag?

Here is the content list:

  1. Style

  2. Color

  3. Details


When choosing a handbag, the most important thing for a woman is the style of the handbag. A good-looking style of the handbag not only shows personal taste but also can be matched with various clothes to produce a better effect. And women's handbags have small and cute cell phone handbags, there are fashionable and avant-garde cloud handbags, there are retro and elegant saddle handbags, and other various styles, each style brings a different mood for women. For example, the women's handbag cloud handbag, the shape of this handbag like a cloud, looks very light and soft, giving a very comfortable feeling. Another example is the women's handbag cell phone handbag, the shape of small and cute, but also not lose the sense of fashion, giving people a sense of ease and liveliness. Women's handbags have a variety of styles various styles of women's handbags so that consumers can easily choose their favorite handbags. In recent years, designers like to incorporate retro elements into the handbag, so retro handbags are popular.


In addition to creating a sense of fashion from the style of the retro handbag, the color of the women's handbag is also quite fashionable. Women's handbags with retro and elegant brown, fresh and lively white, fashionable and avant-garde gray and white checkered color are the main, low-key luxury in the most elegant temperament.


In addition to creating a sense of fashion from the style and color of the handbag to make the handbag more attractive, the women's handbag in the details of the treatment is also very in place. Just like the retro handbag each handbag has a variety of backs, can be handheld, can cross, can be hand-screwed, and so on, super practical, and each handbag strap or hand strap is designed with a metal lock or chain so that the handbag to show the classical beauty. In addition, each vintage handbag for women is designed with multiple pockets of different sizes, convenient to put a variety of carry-on items, very practical, loved by consumers. From the overall point of view, if the handbag's appearance is neat and clean, the lines are smooth and neat, indicating that the quality of the handbag can be. Fabric use directly affects the grade of the vintage handbag, the browner the fabric, the poorer the quality of the handbag accordingly. In addition, the good quality of the handbag is not there to have any pungent smell. Because of the good quality of the handbag, the materials used are imported environmentally friendly glue, environmentally friendly leather, and other good materials.

Shanghai Avenues Co. Ltd has many years of experience in producing handbags, and our handbags are of excellent quality and widely popular. In addition, many of our handbags incorporate vintage elements.

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