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How to choose a suitable mini bag?

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The mini bag is smaller than the daily bag, and the visual contrast is stronger, so the overall shape will give people a stronger sense of fashion.

This article will introduce how to choose a suitable mini bag from five aspects.

  1. Style

  2. Colour

  3. Texture

  4. Dress and mini: fabric and color coordinate

  5. Face shape and mini bag: combining hardness and softness


The style of the mini bag must be as simple as possible, but it must have exquisite details and good workmanship. A rough will not have beauty anyway. I prefer soft mini bags to hard mini bags. Moreover, many people think that if they wear more clothes in winter, they should carry a big bag. I don’t think so. If they wear more clothes in winter, they should carry a small mini bag, which can balance their vision and avoid being bloated; In summer, if you wear less, you have to carry a big bag, so as not to look light, but also for balance. Another important point is to try not to lean the shoulder mini bag in summer, especially the plump beauty.


The more single the color of the mini bag, the better. The matching should be based on the clothes. Never carry a mini bag that is the same or close to the color of the clothes. You'd rather wear red clothes and green bags than yellow clothes and yellow bags, which will look very rustic.


Of course, the texture is preferably cortical. The quality of the material is the primary principle of buying Mini bags. The rough texture will never make a good mini bag. However, it is best to choose bright and dark sheepskin and light cowhide. In short, even without beautiful clothes, you can't live without a satisfactory mini bag, otherwise, the clothes you wear will be as monotonous as a piece of white paper.

Clothes and bags: fabric and color coordinate

If you are a girl who pursues fashion and likes to wear fashionable clothes, you should choose a fashionable mini bag coordinated with popular colors; If you like to wear solid color clothes, you should match yourself with some colorful and fancy mini bags. If you like to wear boyish clothes such as T-shirts and sweatshirts, you should choose hard mini bags such as nylon, plastic, and thick canvas; If you like to wear girls' clothes such as knitted shirts and shirts, you should match some soft mini bags such as lace, hemp or soft cotton. Of course, the clothing fabric has changed, and the texture of the mini bag needs to be changed accordingly.

Face shape and mini bag: combining hardness and softness

If you have a boyish face with clear facial features, prominent eyebrows, and prominent cheekbones, you'd better choose a masculine fashion mini bag with stripes; For girls with gentle eyes, round nose, and melon seed face, it is best to choose a lovely mini bag with beads and sequins.

The above is all about how to choose a mini bag in this article. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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