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How to choose a tote bag?

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Are there many girls who always have a big problem before going out - the clothes are exquisite, but where should I put the small things like my phone, lipstick, and tissues? If you choose a handbag for storage and are worried that it won't match your clothes, the popular tote bag in the fashion world can help solve this problem perfectly. It's beautiful, durable, and wears dresses and pants. Here's how to choose a tote bag.

Here is the content list:

  1.  Look at the size

  2.  Look at the shape

  3.  Look at the material

Look at the size

Do not underestimate the importance of choosing the height of the bag. If you choose the wrong one, it may make you look shorter! For tall girls, if your bones themselves are large, do not choose too small a tote bag, it will only make you look stronger. Change it to a large solid color series tote bag that you can bring your own supermodel in a matter of minutes! Short ladies, on the contrary, do not choose the above large tote bag, it is best to change to A4 paper size and boat-shaped tote bag, and preferably a portable model, rather than a slant-back model or a shoulder model, to avoid the visual effect of appearing to have a small bag.

Look at the shape

Many women would like to know if the selection of the tote bag is suitable for their body type? In fact, different tote bags are suitable for different body types. If you have a fat body, especially girls with a pear-shaped figure, it is not recommended to choose cotton, linen, and canvas material tote bag, the too soft style will make the body more rounded. For girls who are too thin, do not choose a larger tote bag, because they cannot control it.

Look at the material

In addition to the two factors associated with ourselves, we cannot ignore the material of the tote bag itself.

For example, leather tote bags are more suitable for women in their 30s and 40s to commute or wear on formal occasions because they have a crisper silhouette. They can show off the sophistication of an urban woman.

If you're going on a date with your boyfriend or shopping with your girlfriend, a leather tote bag can easily give off an inaccessible feel. Replacing it with a canvas material tote bag, especially this one with a monogrammed print or with an animal print is more fun and cuter, and totally age-defying!

Tote bags are rare items that combine practicality with high-value looks, so it's no wonder they can dominate the fashion world for years. But your choice of the right tote bag for you is the first step in choosing the right match for us. Summer is the season of dresses, and dresses alone are a bit monotonous. With the help of a tote bag, they will complement each other! If you want my recommendation for a must-have tote bag for summer, look no further than the woven tote bag! Wear a vertical striped shirt dress with a large capacity weaved tote bag put a bunch of flowers, a few books, and then have a sweet summer love affair with your boyfriend!

A large-capacity tote bag is a must-have as it should be in the workplace. It helps us pack our laptops, cell phones, tissues, and other items so we can always stay calm in a busy workplace! Choose a classic plaid mini-suite with a thin shoulder pad design to make the upper body more formal, carry a classic solid black tote bag, and wear pointed toe thin high-heeled boots, the big woman in the workplace is ready to come out!

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