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How to clean and maintain the crossbody bag?

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Girls like to take a crossbody bag in hand to the street so that both convenient and beautiful. Especially some good crossbody bags cleaning up is very delicate, if the cleaning is not good, it will affect the beauty of the crossbody bag, now I will own cleaning and maintenance of the crossbody bag experience and share with you.

Here is the content list:

  1. Cleaning method

  2. Maintenance method

Cleaning method

First, we should pay attention to when cleaning the crossbody bag, cannot use a brush class of hard items, you need to use a ragged class of soft items, it is best to use a cotton ball so that cleaning up will not damage the surface layer of the crossbody bag.

Second, we should not use hot water when cleaning the leather crossbody bag, which is not good for the leather crossbody bag, will make the leather aging, we should use cold water to clean so that you can keep the leather of the leather crossbody bag beautiful.

Third, when we clean the leather crossbody bag, you can first pour water into the basin, and then we pour about ten grams of milk so that the cleaned crossbody bag will be more beautiful, to ensure the quality of the leather.

Fourth, if there are some stains on top of the leather crossbody bag, then we have to use some alcohol for cleaning, if there is no alcohol, you can use some low white wine, and then wipe the stained area with a cotton ball.

Fifth, if your leather crossbody bag is accidentally stained, you can use concentrated salt water soak for a minute or two to clean, the method is to first replace the saltwater for water, with soapy water soft brush even a light brush, after drying can be.

Sixth, leather crossbody bag stains we can also use a clean soft cloth dipped in protein solution to clean and wipe so that you can remove the stains on the leather crossbody bag, can also make the leather surface shiny, and also will not damage the leather surface, can be a multi-benefit good way.

Seventh, Vaseline is also a good supply for cleaning crossbody bags, you can use a cotton cloth, and then pour on some Vaseline, and then start wiping their own leather crossbody bags, Vaseline effect is also very good, the crossbody bag wipe will be very bright after.

Maintenance method

To avoid leather crossbody bags during the preservation of moisture and mildew lead to discoloration, preservation before the crossbody bag to a full range of thorough cleaning, and natural air dry, the conditions can also be coated with a layer of glycerin to the crossbody bag, which is more conducive to long-term preservation.

When the crossbody bag is not in use, you can hang up or flat, hanging up all the things in the crossbody bag should be taken out, to avoid deformation of the crossbody bag belt due to long-term tautness, or the belt and the crossbody bag body interface off-line; flat do not place other items on the body of the crossbody bag, so as not to deform the body of the crossbody bag or produce wrinkles.

Stuffing paper inside the crossbody bag can not only better maintain the original shape of the crossbody bag, but also prevent moisture in the air to make the crossbody bag moldy.

Shanghai Avenues Co. Ltd recommends that you read the above information carefully after purchasing a crossbody bag and that you clean and care for it properly to prolong its life.

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