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How to clean tote bags of different materials?

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After using a tote bag for some time, it will inevitably be stained with different stains, so it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to prolong the life of the tote bag. Generally speaking, fabric tote bags can be dry cleaned or washed, while leather tote bags should not be cleaned by themselves and should be cleaned in a professional tote bag store. Tote bags should also be maintained during use. If you don't use it for a long time, you should use a non-woven bag to save the tote bag. Next, come with us to learn more about it.

Here is the content list:

  1.  Fabric bags

  2.  Leather bags

  3. Suede bags

  4. Special fabrics

Fabric bags

Fabric tote bags generally have canvas, nylon, cotton materials, in general, fabric bags can be dry-cleaned or washed. If it is more striped, brighter color fabric bags must be dry-cleaned, otherwise, it will fade. Canvas tote bags can be cleaned with white vinegar or salt water to clean the dirt, remember to put it on the balcony to dry after cleaning, never dry it, and put it back in the cabinet, otherwise, the bag is easy to mold. General canvas tote bag, often use a small lint brush to lightly brush the dust can be, there is time to use the iron properly ironed to keep its shape beautifully.

Leather bags

Leather tote bags are generally made of cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, PVC material, suede, and other materials, such tote bags should not be cleaned by themselves, should be cleaned by a professional tote bag store. If there is a local stain, a clean rag can be used to invade the water, plus neutral detergent, wring half dry, along with the grain of the tote bag back and forth light brush, you can remove the stain, and finally wipe again with water to avoid detergent residue.

Suede bags

First cleaned according to conventional cleaning methods, then you can use a warm solution, the plush part of the cleaning again. In the drying time to pay attention to the plush part towards the top. In the case of rainy weather, it is best to use a dryer to avoid mold. It should be noted that when cleaning the plush part again, soap warm water solution, detergent warm water solution can also be used, they are better than other detergents in keeping the color of the product bright and avoiding fading, you can also use them to clean suede tote bags.

Special fabrics

Tote bags in addition to the above fabrics, fur, straw, and other fabrics, these fabrics generally cannot be washed, available sponge or soft cloth in the direction of the texture to wipe away the dust, or use a brown brush (short hairbrush) to remove the dust.

Shanghai Avenues Co. Ltd reminds you that different materials of tote bags should be cleaned in different ways. I believe that after you have read the above information, you have a certain understanding of how to properly clean a tote bag.

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