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How to identify the quality of tote bags?

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Tote bags have rectangular and square shapes, quite large capacity and functional, which are essential for people to carry a lot of items when they go out, go to work or go to school. So how should you judge the quality of the tote bag is good or bad? The next are some introductions. The notes on cloth tote bags are also attached.

Here is the content list:

  1. Identification method

  2. Cloth tote bag notes

  3. dentification method


The look is to see the appearance of the tote bag, if you have the conditions, you can pair the flowers to the version. Another look at the handwork and stitching, the specific criteria can only be judged by you, unless you can find experts or connoisseurs on the side to do the explanation. The smoother the quality of the bag, the better.


Feel the feel of the material of the tote bag, generally the better the feel of the material is better. Some styles are the hard texture of the material used, depending on the style, the genuine product is the same. But as long as it is genuine, or better super A goods, their leather is softer the more you use it, there will also be a very nice oily luster.


If you feel a very pungent smell that is not good goods, the more pungent the more not good goods, poor quality leather will have a pungent and unpleasant PU leather smell, in addition, the tote bag production process to use a lot of glue, good manufacturers of super A goods are used to import glue, there is generally no pungent smell. There are genuine and good imitation bag materials that are better, smell the bag has a faint fragrance, generally volatile from the discolored fragrant leather, good old flower leather itself also has a unique taste.

Hardware and zipper

Hardware is an important criterion for judgment, generally good hardware luster is bright thick, no burr, especially the zipper, good manufacturers of zippers feel smooth, lubricated, and a bit strong. Generally, good manufacturers of tote bags with imported glue, volatile acid less, hardware will not discolor quickly. Genuine general hardware 1-2 years without obvious signs of fading, super A tote bag if a good manufacturer general hardware can also be used for six months or even longer.

Cloth tote bag notes

If it is a cloth tote bag, cleaning it is much simpler, you can directly soak in water and wash with laundry detergent or soap, but it is important to note that it is best to turn the bag inside and out and clean it carefully. As the tote bag cannot be cleaned every day, usually pay attention not to put unclean things into the bag, easy to drop crumbs, and easy to leak the liquid to pack tightly before putting it in. Once a week, you should organize the items in the tote bag, and find dirt in time to clean. In addition, the tote bag should not be put with the hand, it is best to hang it up.

Shanghai Avenues Co. Ltd reminds you that you can judge the quality of tote bags by the above methods.

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