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How to match a tote bag?

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How can a good-looking outfit not be matched with a good-looking bag? So, we must match a bag with a good-looking trendy single, to highlight our own charm and fashion. The tote bag is loved by the public for its versatility, and it is very beautiful to match it in any way, so we must have an in-depth understanding of how to match the tote bag to prepare for the trend in life.

Here is the content list:

  1. Color scheme

  2. Matching taboo

  3. The method of backpack

  4. The season of backpack

  5. The occasion of the backpack

  6. Personal character

Color scheme

Same color scheme

A deep and light color scheme for the backpack and the outfit can create a very elegant look. For example, a dark coffee suit with a camel-colored tote bag.

Contrasting colors

The bag and the clothes can also be a strong contrast color, which will be a very eye-catching way to match. For example, a black suit with a red belt, a red bag, and black high heels.

Embellished colors

A neutral-colored outfit with an accent color tote bag will make a great look, for example, a camel dress with a sky-blue bag and camel heels.

Printed colors

The color of the tote bag can be one of the colors in the print of the dress, for example, olive green background, beige, coffee-colored print dress with coffee-colored bag, and coffee-colored high heels.

Matching taboo

Age young women are suitable to choose light, bright shades; while older women are more suitable for darker shades. Of course, the style aspect is also very important, mainly in terms of age group requirements. Professional women can choose a simple style. And often go out with friends, can choose some casual tote bag. If you must often meet with customers or have to carry some information, you can choose a practical bag.

The method of backpack

Tote bag should be held in the arm, elbows naturally against the waistline at 90 degrees; with a small shoulder bag can be a slightly underarm fixed handbag, to avoid the bag body back and forth shaking.

The season of backpack

Summer should be a light color or light solid color. Winter should choose a slightly darker color. Spring and autumn, basically in soft tones, the selection of tote bags are wide, need to pay attention to and clothes with each other.

The occasion of the backpack

For example, if you are going for a job interview, you should carry a slightly hard leather, not flowery tote bag. If you want to go out and about, carry a more casual tote bag. When going on a business trip, choose a different tote bag and clothes to match depending on the client.

Personal character

The traditional type of friends carries some simple fashion class of solid color tote bag, showing their own subtlety and connotation. Avant-garde types of friends recommended choosing bright colors, models more trendy and cutting-edge type.

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