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How to match the handbag with clothes

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There are many styles of handbags, and different clothes are suitable for different bags. The following are several matching methods recommended to MMs, let’s take a look:

1. If you want to turn into a cute girl, you can wear a wool high-neck sweater, then match a medium skirt and a simple handbag, and pair it with a pair of big round glasses.

2. If you like sports style, you can wear a pair of light-colored jeans with a knitted sweater and a personalized mini handbag, which is both distinctive and full of vitality.

3. Take the fresh route. You can pair a short jacket with a long green plaid scarf, a long skirt or trousers, and go shopping with a handbag.

4. Black slacks are matched with a black handbag, and then a stylish shirt is worn on the upper body, and a pair of medium leather shoes are also matched, and the eye-catching degree has also improved a lot.

5. Large bags are suitable for tall and fat MMs. When matching clothes, you can choose casual jeans and long coats, and paired with pointed shoes to add points to the image.

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