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How to take care of the vintage handbag?

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Men don't need a backpack when they go out, but women are different. When you walk down a busy street, it's hard to find a woman without a backpack, and women of almost any age can't live without their vintage handbags. And recently, designers like to incorporate vintage elements into handbags. So how should vintage handbags be maintained? Here are some tips.

Here is the content list:

l Pay attention to love and care

l Do not clean the vintage handbag without permission

l Pay attention to the vintage handbag storage

l Avoid vintage handbag staining

Pay attention to love and care

It is also important to have a ritual for the vintage handbag you just bought. Before you carry it on your back for the first time, you should wash your hands with soap and then gently rub the leather vintage handbag. With the right body temperature and oil, a slow, gentle rubbing with your hands can make small wrinkles and even small scars disappear. This is normal leather vintage handbag maintenance, ordinary leather vintage handbags need to be dusted first, you can use some professional cleaning oil for proper treatment.

Do not clean the vintage handbag without permission

After using it for a long time, it will inevitably become dirty, but it is not recommended that you use some non-professional cleaning spray bought online to clean your vintage handbag without permission. Because this kind of spray is very common, the use of the initial effect may be good, but because different leather needs different care products, can not be generalized, a single cleaning spray may not apply to your vintage handbag. And because chemicals have certain damage to the vintage handbag leather, long-term use, it is likely to cause hardening and cracking of the leather. If the stain is more serious and cannot be removed, it is recommended to leave it to the professionals.

Pay attention to the vintage handbag storage

When the vintage handbag is temporarily not used needs to be stored for a long time, you need to fill the vintage handbag with padding to maintain the shape, set the dust vintage handbag storage. Do not place the vintage handbag one on top of the other, otherwise, it is easy to cause the vintage handbag to be squeezed and deformed. Daily use, do not put the vintage handbag in the car for a long time, so as not to summer high temperature, winter low temperature lead to the evaporation of oil in the leather, the vintage handbag leather hardening, cracking, aging. If you feel that the leather has become significantly harder, you should replenish the maintenance oil as soon as possible. It may be that with the increase in the number of uses, the vintage handbag that comes with natural oils will gradually reduce, if not timely replenishment of oil, inevitably harden, produce some cracks.

Avoid vintage handbag staining

To avoid the vintage handbag being stained, then we must pay attention to the clothing with it. Do not wear dark clothing when using light-colored vintage handbags, especially dark jeans, because the color on the clothes and the vintage handbag friction is easy to stain the vintage handbag. The vintage handbag handle is the place that touches the skin the most, so the handle is often also a staining disaster area. Sweat stains produced in the summer are unavoidable, but daily hand creams and sunscreens still need to be kept as far away from your vintage handbag handles as possible. If there is already a staining problem, you should promptly send it to a professional luxury goods repair and maintenance facility for repair.

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