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Judging the quality of crossbody bags through details

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A crossbody bag is a casual style bag, named after the fact that it is usually slung over the body. In the daily collocation, crossbody bag both practical and beautiful function, not only can store a lot of items but also has a visual long, narrow role, fashionable and beautiful. There are many kinds of crossbody bags on the market, how should we judge the quality of crossbody bags through details? Next are some introductions. The advantages of crossbody bags are also attached.

Here is the content list:

  1. l Judgment method

  2. l Advantages

Judgment method

Glue head

The glue head generally refers to the gluing part of the leather strap or crossbody bag's leather cutout, which is generally a thicker part. In the production process of this part to use the glue to achieve the dip, good handbag factory manufacturers use imported glue, small smell, more environmentally friendly, in addition, to look more transparent, generally transparent red. The glue head part looks very cloudy, that must not be a good product.


The so-called shape refers to the unique crossbody bag appearance characteristics and curves shape of each style. The higher the degree of fine imitation the better the shape of the bag and the closer to the genuine product, if you have not seen the real thing, it does not matter, you can look at some special parts of the bag, such as arcs, sharp corners, flaps, symmetrical parts, three-dimensional parts of the shape, the provincial road, and so on.


This is also a very important factor in judging the quality of crossbody bags. Often low-grade imitation bags, this does not do well, because many people have not seen the real bag, and the general public only looks at the appearance to judge, rarely pay attention to the details inside, most A goods are the wrong version, some super A goods will also be the wrong version, but relatively much less. Because the real fine imitation crossbody bags are decomposed genuine bags to make the version, in addition to some materials may be difficult to copy, generally, inside the compartment, the shape will be copied according to the original version, this is also a reason why the cost of super A is not the same.


Crossbody bags also have many advantages, the first is more fashionable, carrying a crossbody bag will feel more convenient and stylish than a backpack. Crossbody bags have a large and small, small out of doors convenient, can carry out, put some wallets and cell phones and so on, very convenient. The kind of crossbody bag that is larger and longer can be placed some longer, the backpack cannot put the object, can be very convenient and perfect. If you go out to the office, carrying a backpack does not look good, then carrying a crossbody bag for documents is very suitable, and will not be felt by others very strange, but also better than grabbing in the hand.

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