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Maintenance of backpacks

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Maintenance of backpacks

Generally, the back of backpacks is made of a piece of pearl cotton of about 3mm as a breathable board. The simplest type of drawstring bag type backpacks does not have any padding material except the material of backpacks itself. Computer backpacks are of better quality, but fewer styles. There are many choices of sports backpacks styles, but the materials and workmanship are general. Fashion backpacks has a small capacity. Normally, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of backpacks, so that the use time of backpacks can be longer, then how to maintain backpacks?

Here is the content list:

  1. backpacks usage time

  2.  Moisture-proof of backpacks

  3.  Note on the use of backpacks

backpacks usage time

If you are doing long-term exercise, it is best not to choose to carry your backpack for a long time. Try to carry it on your back after an hour or two, and then carry it on your back. Because long-term carrying is not only a burden to your body but also a burden to backpacks. Treating your bag with work and rest in this way can extend the life of your backpack to a large extent.

Moisture-proof of backpacks

Always let your backpacks see the sun, and don’t keep it in the house for outdoor sports. Without the moisturization of the sun, your backpacks may be moldy, and there will also be some peculiar smells, which make people smell very uncomfortable. Besides, you have to carry it on your back, so you might as well take it after a while Take out your backpacks for sunbathing and give it a little sunshine. But not too long, because ultraviolet rays will damage the nylon cloth.

Note on the use of backpacks

Try to avoid large-scale friction. In the process of using backpacks, you will inevitably encounter some wear. This is not to say that backpacks cannot be worn, but to reduce the damage caused by wear as much as possible. Do less wear and more care. Try to avoid places with high friction or uneven surface to use. If you must use it, you should also keep an eye on it. Don't use positive friction if you have to. In addition, please be careful not to place it on an uneven surface. If you want to place it, you must first lay a cloth or book on it, to effectively avoid frontal friction and prolong the service life of backpacks. The backpack is also contaminated with soil, dust, and sweat once use. It's suggested to use a dry soft brush to get rid of mud from the outer layer of the backpack. Wipe it directly with a moist artifact, which is able to simply stain the surface of the material. Rinse with clean water and dry it in an exceedingly cool place. Don't expose it to the sun. Ultraviolet rays will simply harden and embrittle the fibers.

The above is related to the maintenance of the backpack. For more backpacks-related questions, please consult us. Years of accumulated R&D and production experience will provide you with more product services and technical support! Our official website is https://www.avenuesbags.com/.

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