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The backpack is a good choice for outdoor sports or traveling

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With the improvement of people's quality of life and the increase of outdoor life, suitable backpacks is indispensable equipment, and the choice of outdoor bags has attracted more and more attention.

Here is the content list:

  1. Short-distance backpacks and long-distance backpacks

  2. Adventure backpacks and Technical backpacks

  3. Sports backpacks

Short-distance backpacks and long-distance backpacks

In terms of type alone, short-distance backpacks can be regarded as entry-level outdoor backpacks, which can generally carry 2-3 days of outdoor supplies. The volume is generally 40-60 liters, which is not small. It depends on what you bring. The most important thing is that there is no special design for the storage of equipment used for long-distance hikes. The favorite of long-distance backpacks backpackers, the most common and most commonly used outdoor backpacks. Usually 60-75 liters, there is a metal frame design inside, filling a lot of things without collapsing on the shoulders. The waistband is designed to be wide, thick, and large enough to fit the internal frame structure after being fastened so that the shoulder force can be shared at the waist above the hips. The specific details of each brand are slightly different, but they are roughly the same, which is suitable for people who travel for more than one week.

Adventure backpacks and Technical backpacks

The top-notch outdoor backpack, essential for alpine adventures. It has the size of a giant in outdoor backpacks, usually 75-125 liters, and can be installed in tents, pots, and stoves. The advice of professionals is that the filling weight should not exceed 40% of the carrier's body weight. In the design, there are many places for external professional climbing equipment. In addition, the materials of fasteners and other parts are extremely demanding in terms of cold resistance and toughness. The expensive parts are all detailed.

The type of backpacks preferred by climbing or ski lovers. There are many places in the design for placing and hanging climbing ropes, hanging buckles, powder bags, and even ice axes. The appearance is characterized by narrow and long, the pursuit of convenience.

Sports backpacks

This kind of backpack is usually not very big, the purpose is only to carry the commonly used items. The highlight is that there is a special compartment to place the water bag, and there is a special fixing and suspension design for the straw on the shoulder strap. In addition, the size is small, and the pursuit of lightweight, perspiration, and ventilation. It is suitable for people who like skateboarding, skiing, running, and cycling, so this kind of backpack is also commonly known as cycling backpacks. Most people will have many different backpacks to meet different outdoor travel needs. But if you want to buy a so-called universal or universal backpack, the first thing you have to consider is portability. This is a very important point. No matter what backpack you buy, it is always more important to carry it without getting tired. A good carrying system can distribute the pressure on the shoulders to the waist. This is not just a belt design.

The above is about the backpack is a good choice for outdoor sports or travel. For more backpacks-related questions, please consult us. Years of accumulated R&D and production experience will provide you with more product services and technical support! Our official website is https://www.avenuesbags.com/.

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