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The classification and matching style of tote bag

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The biggest advantage of tote bags is that they are easy to carry and have a particularly large capacity. Here is an introduction to the categories and styles of tootsie bags.

Here is the content list:

  1. Category

  2. Matching style


Canvas tote bag

The canvas tote bag will look more casual, want to go out on a picnic, picnic or what to carry this bag, anything can be stuffed into it, it can be both handheld and shoulder, very convenient to carry.

Leather tote bag

Leather tote bag compared to a canvas tote bag, more suitable for more formal occasions. And tote bag color is rich, different colors can create a different style. This bag inside pink and white, the style will be sweeter, with some light-colored clothes will be more beautiful, the black tote bag will be the calmer atmosphere. Usually, important to work ` folder, rechargeable battery charger, laptop direct tote bag can be loaded, usually, if you are going to school to put textbooks also no problem, and the straps of this bag can be adjusted, want to carry shoulder crossbody can.

Color blocking tote bag

This bag is also square, but its characteristics lie in its color-blocking design. If you usually like to wear dark clothes, this tote bag can add some bright colors to your monotonous outfit, and the colorful design is more fashionable and more distinctive than all black. The bottom of the bag has a metal buckle, which can effectively prevent the bottom of the bag from wear and tear. There are a variety of colors to choose from, so choose the one that best suits your style.

Square tote bag

This bag will be cooler, its angular, hard shape looks especially cool, carry the tote bag let you look neutral, handsome, spontaneous, brave, with a pair of cool Martin boots, a jacket, carry it walking briskly after the crowd, people around you may not be able to resist looking back at you. Carry this bag to travel, speeding on the highway, and then when you get off this tote bag as if you can pick up the whole world.

Matching style

Color matching

The yellow tote bag color is very bright, with the beige coat can improve the overall sense of color. It can also enhance the layering of the collocation, but also make your style more playful. Such a bag is both practical and beautiful, no matter how you match it will show a different effect.

The black tote bag is simple and generous, but also more versatile. The rivet design on the bag surface also adds texture and design to the bag, making the overall shape and texture more diverse. The blue tight sweater can set off your body shape and elegance. The atmospheric black can manage almost all styles of clothing.

Retro style

Khaki classic square tote bag fashionable and generous, and in the elegant reveal a retro atmosphere, for your overall look to add a sense of style. The light pink gauze dress is gentle and sexy, and such a match will certainly make you the center of attention. The yellow dress with the British atmosphere, but also for the miserable autumn to add a different color, giving a lively and lovely feeling.

Classic professional model

Do not like the above collocation is okay, this one collocation is certainly your cup of tea. The classic style of the tote bag has always been the necessary closet item, not to mention its versatile function, in practicality is not lost to any kind of bag. Blackshirts or suits will be able to play this classic style to the limit.

Shanghai Avenues Co. Ltd produces a wide range of tote bags that are not limited in style.

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