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What are the commonly used materials for business bags?

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The business bag is specially designed for business people, suitable for workplace or business leisure. The business look is simple and elegant, with a business card bag, mobile phone bag, and pen holder structure in the bag. Fashion elites who shuttle on various business occasions need to ensure that their daily outfits are fashionable and decent, but also cannot do without a generous and practical business bag. A business bag with outstanding quality is a single product worth investing in for the elite. What materials does the business bag have? Let’s take a look at the business bag with the editor!

The following is a list of contents:

  1. Genuine Leather

  2. canvas

  3. nylon

  4. PU leather

Genuine Leather

Leather is the most commonly used material for high-end business bags, mostly cowhide.

Cowhide: Cowhide is divided into the first layer of cowhide and the second layer of cowhide. The first layer of cowhide has a tight internal fiber structure, and the second layer of cowhide is re-bonded by adding PU, PVP, etc. to the scraps. In addition to cowhide, the commonly used leather materials for business bags include crocodile leather, ostrich leather, and python leather.

Advantages: strong toughness, wear resistance, good air permeability, and softer leather.

Disadvantages: The area is heavy and not easy to maintain.


The canvas material is more versatile than leather, and many casual business bags will use this material. Canvas materials can make a variety of shapes, through printing, painting, and embroidery, etc., to make business bags more ornamental. Recently, the popular canvas is the first choice of many people's business bags.

Advantages:  strong toughness, wear resistance, good air permeability, and softer leather.

Disadvantages: It is not easy to clean, and it is thick and heavy.


Nylon is a high-grade composite chemical fiber material. Compared with other materials, business bags made of nylon are lighter and tougher. And after special treatment, the business bag has waterproof function, high durability, and is most suitable for long-term use. Therefore, nylon is often used to make sports or outdoor business bags.

Advantages: strong, wear-resistant, flexible, waterproof, and breathable

Disadvantages: poor hygroscopicity, so it will pill after a long time.

PU leather

PU leather is also known as synthetic leather or artificial leather. This material is not real leather but made of synthetic resin and chemical fiber. PU leather is processed, and its appearance and feel are comparable to real leather. Therefore, many business bags will use the PC leather stitching design to protect the corners of the business bag from harm.

Advantages: lighter weight, waterproof, easy to take care of, low price, more surface pressing patterns

Disadvantages: non-wearing, simple to break, low-quality PU has a pungent odor.

Business bag materials include canvas, nylon, PVC, leather, etc. Each material has its own merits due to different usage scenarios and applicable people. It is recommended to pay attention to the Shanghai fashion light luxury brand "AVENUES". The brand's flagship leather bag has exquisite details and exquisite craftsmanship, which is not only durable but also of higher quality.

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