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What are the materials of the Tote bag?

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A tote bag, a bag with a large capacity, can hold many items. There are various materials for women's tote bags, and some of them are introduced next. The following is a description of the materials used to make the bag.

Here is the content list:

  1. Material classification

  2. Maintenance method

Material classification

Cowhide Tote bag

Cowhide is often used to make tote bags because of its fine leather, firm, and durability. Touching the surface of the tote bag made of cowhide also carries a layer of natural waxy feeling, the gloss is relatively high, the skin is more delicate and silkier, which is also the reason why big brands prefer to use cowhide.

PVC tote bag

PVC material that is polyvinyl chloride, is one of the world's largest productions of plastic products, can be made into a variety of hard, soft, and transparent products. PVC is a hot fashion material this year, and PVC tote bags can easily create a sense of cool and edgy chic.

Nylon Tote bag

Nylon fiber, also known as nylon, is the raw material for a variety of man-made fibers. It has a wide range of applications, the advantages of high strength, high abrasion resistance, high chemical resistance and good resistance to deformation, anti-aging. Commonly used in tote bag production, although its luster is dark, color is not bright, feel stiff, but strong and wear-resistant.

Sheepskin Tote bag

The value of sheepskin is very high, its texture is softer than cowhide, the process of complex grade is also higher; excellent feel, soft and more elastic, natural luster. Sheepskin has excellent moisture resistance, if you invest in buying a bag, long-term preservation is also more convenient.

Canvas tote bag

Canvas is a thicker and thicker cotton fabric or linen fabric, with good waterproof performance, the biggest feature is strong and durable, its application is wide. Canvas tote bag to carry light, fashionable and simple, in recent years is popular with fashionable people.

PU Tote bag

PU chemical Chinese name is "polyurethane", PU leather is polyurethane composition of the skin. This type of material is large in quantity and variety is that traditional natural leather cannot meet. PU tote bags have a good shaping effect and a shiny surface.

Maintenance method

If you don't use your tote bag for a long time, you should keep it in a non-woven bag, not in a non-breathable plastic bag. To keep the shape of the bag for a long time, you can stuff it with paddings, such as old clothes and rice paper. Do not overload the tote bag, do not wash the whole bag, and longtime exposure to the sun, hot and cold easily make the bag moldy. Leather tote bags need to be often on maintenance oil, occasional cleaning, the practice is to wipe the oil on a clean cotton cloth, and then evenly wipe the surface, avoid the oil directly on the leather parts to avoid damage to the leather parts, special attention to avoid chemical substances damage, hard leather bags to avoid the impact of sharp objects and scratches. Leather is highly absorbent, should pay attention to stain prevention, especially high-grade sanding leather. If there is a stain on the leather, use a clean wet sponge with a warm detergent wipe, and then let it dry naturally. If the tote bag is stained with grease, it can be wiped clean with a cloth, and the rest will be cleaned by its natural dissipation or detergent, not by water. The hardware on the tote bag needs to be maintained frequently and should be wiped with a dry cloth after use. If the micro-oxidation, you can try to gently rub the hardware with flour or toothpaste.

Shanghai Avenues Co. Ltd reminds you that women's tote bags are made of a variety of materials, and different materials have different characteristics.

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