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What are the techniques and precautions for handbag printing logos?

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The logo plays a big role in the promotion of a very good handbag. A reasonable and eye-catching logo can be a good way to promote your brand and increase your visibility. Companies in the handbag will be concerned about the logo printing, according to the different handbag material, choose a different logo printing method, in the handbag color at the same time, can achieve a certain publicity effect. The following is a detailed description of the logo printing technology and precautions for handbags.

Here is the content list:

Printing technology


Printing technology


Embossing is to put the plate material between the upper and lower die, under pressure to make the thickness of the handbag material change and will be extruded outside the material, filled in the mold cavity with undulating fine-grain convex, concave, and the surface of the handbag to form undulating drum convex and lettering or pattern of a forming method. This printing method appears to have a certain sense of concave and convex logo of the handbag.

Digital printing

This printing method is done by machines and equipment, using digital color printing, printing efficiency is very high, suitable for the short period and a large number of handbags. Digital printing is generally charged according to the area, so the cost of making a large area map is relatively high, but digital printing is rich in color, convenient, and fast, no minimum order quantity, and other advantages are incomparable to other printing methods.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving through the laser machine to produce a strong laser beam, so that the handbag material in contact with the laser instantaneous physical reaction of melting and vaporization should occur, to achieve the purpose of processing customized. Laser engraving has many advantages, such as saving environmental protection, effect control, fast production, etc. However, laser engraving also has a large cost, high technical requirements, and other disadvantages.


The logo represents the corporate culture, printed on the handbag, presented to others to see, to consider the primary impression to others. Handbag in addition to the style, material, in the logo printing, but also pay attention to the size of the logo, color, and other practical issues.

Pay attention to the size of the logo

The size of the logo is not the larger the more conspicuous the better, the appropriate proportion of the logo size is more natural and relevant. Although it is said that the larger the logo the more eye-catching, but also form a unified style with the handbag, printed in the appropriate location, so as not to induce discomfort and achieve the opposite effect.

Logo color

The colors and shapes of different companies' logos are different and do not change easily. Therefore, when customizing the handbag, you should pay attention to whether the color of your corporate logo matches the handbag as a whole. If it does not match, we should pay more attention when choosing the color of the fabric, and we must choose a better matching fabric so that the handbag made will be more beautiful.

Logo printing

The logo printing method needs to determine according to the handbag material. Different printing methods have different advantages, such as embossing can make the logo has a three-dimensional sense, screen printing colorful, long shelf life, heat transfer printing washable, soft-touch, weaving embroidery pattern delicate, digital printing convenient and fast. Of course, a variety of printing party ways also has the corresponding disadvantages, according to their own needs to choose.

As we all know, logo embossing technology is widely popular in the handbag market. Shanghai Avenues Co. Ltd's handbag logos are mostly embossed and printed.

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