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What are the types of handbags with chains?

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The first "chain handbag" was a short chain handbag with a metal chain, and only after that, under the relentless development and innovation of people, long chains and handbags of different sizes were developed. The earliest impression, it seems that only those who are over the middle-aged noblewomen will carry this handbag, but gradually even young girls have fallen in love with it. Chains have become the fashion element of many handbags. Handbags with chains can be divided into different categories according to different criteria.

Here is the content list:

  1. Different shapes

  2. Different styles

Different shapes

As a handbag with chain, which has been processed by all the major brands through numerous artistic processes, it has covered almost all the graphic elements with the unremitting efforts of designers, and the various derivatives of appearance and shape can be said to be "only imaginable, not impossible".

Square handbag

The standard square handbag will generally show a more regular position of the four corners of the "right angle", will be more angular, most of the "rectangular", there are a few that will be made into a "square". Such a square chain handbag will give people the feeling of more stern and cool, straightforward and competent, very suitable for professional women to use, high-end atmosphere, and very dignified.

Round handbag

The round handbag style is relatively rare, so carrying around, or oval chain handbags on the street, always with a full sense of fashion trends. Women who like to chase trends can try it, and you can also choose the style with leopard print, snakeskin print, giraffe print, and other colors, which will be more distinctive.

Trapezoidal handbag

Trapezoidal chain handbag presents a "narrow top and wide bottom" shape, and will be relatively thicker in thickness, such a handbag is also the most favorite shape designed by major luxury brands, because trapezoidal will not be too rigid, dull monotonous like a square, but also will not be as difficult to manage irregular shape, trapezoidal chain handbag can be said to be fashionable and low-key.

Different styles

Although handbags with chains often carry a high-end nobility, because of the color, shape, decoration, and other factors, so it is also a different style, from cute girls to elegant noblewomen can find in the many styles of chain handbags to fit their one, the following quickly see what style can be shaped by chain handbags!

Elegant temperament type

Elegant handbags with chains are generally more elegant and softer in tone, some are dark, dark solid color models, some are dark and bright colors of the two-color stitching models, the biggest feature of such a chain handbag is "versatile and harmonious", no matter who is carrying it can instantly create a chic ladylike temperament.

Vibrant and lively type

Most of these handbags with chains are brightly colored, and even the solid-colored models will boldly use the usual color scheme that is rarely seen. This style, in addition to being lively and cheerful, will also look extra fashionable and full of design. However, such handbags are more suitable for young women to carry, older women should not easily try them.

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