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Large Soft PU Set Shoulder Bags

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Introducing our sophisticated women's bucket tote bag, a true statement piece that seamlessly marries style and utility. Meticulously fashioned from premium PU material, this bag embodies the pinnacle of faux leather craftsmanship, radiating a sense of luxury. The enchanting candy-colored palette adds a whimsical touch, making it a charming accessory to elevate any ensemble.

The high-quality PU shoulder strap, thoughtfully designed for comfort and durability, harmoniously complements the superior hardware, showcasing a meticulous attention to detail. This bag isn't just an accessory; it's an expression of modern aesthetics, combined with functional design.

From casual outings to chic events, this versatile bag effortlessly accompanies you, accentuating your unique style. The convergence of premium materials, thoughtful design elements, and skilled craftsmanship ensures a companion that's both visually appealing and reliable.

Carry sophistication with you as you step out with this remarkable handbag, capturing the essence of contemporary fashion and practicality. Experience the allure of candy-colored elegance that stands as a testament to your refined taste.

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Avenues (Customized)




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Our Advantages


① Boasting a dedicated QC team of 8+, our unwavering focus on quality control stands as the cornerstone of our commitment to meeting customer satisfaction.

② Our well-equipped sample room, manned by skilled artisans, serves as a hub for innovative designs. We extend an open invitation for sample development, ensuring our creations align with your vision.

③ With a proud legacy of 16+ years in the industry, our professional factory upholds a legacy of timely deliveries and steadfast business partnerships.

④ Our expertise encompasses a wide array of products, including Shoulder Bags, Crossbody Bags, Handbags, Tote Bags, Sport Bags, Computer Bags, Evening Bags, Laptop Bags, Backpacks, and more.

⑤ Beyond products, we offer a personalized and comprehensive experience. Whether it's tailoring your logo, providing design insights, or sourcing new materials, we stand ready to create a holistic solution that resonates with your brand identity.



Established in 2005, Shanghai Avenues Co., Ltd. specializes in bag production and worldwide trade. Our in-house label, AVENUES, is curated by our skilled design squad, dedicated to fashion-forward and comfortable design principles over the years.


Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: We have amassed over 16 years of proficiency in both bag manufacturing and global trading.

Q: Do you provide samples? Is there a charge?

A: Absolutely, we extend a warm welcome to sample orders. Regrettably, these samples are not offered free of charge. However, rest assured that the sample cost will be duly refunded upon placing a substantial subsequent order.

Q: Do you entertain customization?

A: Without a doubt, we enthusiastically embrace customized orders, and our track record boasts a wealth of experience in both OEM and ODM endeavors.

Q: Does logo printing incur an additional fee?

A: Yes, an incremental charge is indeed applicable, contingent upon the intricacies of your logo design and your preferred printing technique.

Q: What are your preferred terms of payment?

A: Typically, we favor the modes of T/T, while also accommodating L/C and PayPal transactions. Our standard payment structure entails an initial 30% deposit, with the remaining 70% to be settled prior to shipment.

Q: What is the projected delivery timeline?

A: Generally, our delivery timeline spans 30-45 days from the point of order confirmation. Naturally, this timeline may adjust depending on the quantum of the order.

Q: How can I initiate an order with your esteemed company?

A: Initiating an order with us is a seamless process. Simply commence by submitting an inquiry, subsequently confirming your requisites, perusing our quotation, engaging in negotiations regarding order specifics, granting approval for the sample, formalizing the contract, disbursing a 30% deposit, and culminating with the settlement of the remaining balance prior to shipment.


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Shanghai Avenues Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2005, our business is mainly committed to bag manufacturing and global trading.




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