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How to choose the right backpacks

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Many people don't know how to choose a backpacks that suits them. Next, let me show you how to choose a backpacks that suits you.

Here is the content list:

  1. l According to the number of loaded items

  2. l The purpose of backpacks

  3. l The quality of backpacks

  4. l backpacks performance

According to the number of loaded items

Choose the volume of backpacks. If the travel time is short, and you are not planning to camp outdoors, and there are not many items to carry, you should choose the small volume of backpacks. Generally, 25 liters to 45 liters are enough. If you travel for a long time or need to bring camping equipment, you should choose a large backpacks, which is 50 to 70 liters. If you need to load a lot of items or a large volume, you can choose a large backpacks of 80+20 liters, or a more external backpacks.  

The purpose of backpacks

The type of backpack is the same mountaineering bag, but its uses are different. The general mountaineering bag can also be called camping backpacks, which is suitable for mountaineering, adventure insurance, and woodland crossing activities. There are also backpacks specially designed for long-distance travel. They are called multi-purpose bags or mother-in-child bags. The split structure is the same as mountaineering bags. It can be separated and combined for easy use and is very popular with business travelers. In short, all types of backpacks have their unique scope of application, and the best choice for purchasing packages is for special packages.  

The quality of backpacks

When choosing backpacks, many people tend to pay more attention to the color and appearance of backpacks. The key to being strong and durable lies in the manufacturing materials. From the perspective of webbing, the price difference between ordinary webbing and high-quality webbing can be 3~5 times. Therefore, the material difference is also very big. The same is 42D fabric. Normal fabric is 280 grams per yard, while the high-density fabric weighs 410 grams per yard. Therefore, the strength and wear resistance of the two fabrics are very different. The destructive test was performed on the fabric on the friction machine. The same was a 500D fabric. The ordinary nylon cloth was damaged at 1075 revolutions, while the DuPont nylon cloth was damaged at 3605 revolutions, and its wear resistance was 3 times that of ordinary nylon. From the coating point of view, low-grade backpacks mostly use PVC coating, which will become hard when cold, while high-end backpacks mostly use PU-coated fabrics, and their hardness does not change significantly when cold, and the waterproofness of the four-time PU-coated fabric can reach 1500mm or more. Brand-name backpacks in the current market. The materials are more sophisticated, and the performance and quality are better.  

backpacks performance

Good structure and design are the guarantees for the superior performance of backpacks. The mountaineering bag has good performance, and the important factor lies in its scientific and reasonable design structure. Good design not only gives you overall beauty, but more importantly, you can enjoy an excellent performance in use. We can see this more intuitively from the design structure of backpacks. The structure of its carrying system absorbs the principle of Nepalese backpacks and adopts a double "V" design. One is that the inner aluminum frame is in the shape of "V", a crossbar is positioned at the shoulder, and the aluminum frame is shaped according to the curve of the human body, and the user can fine-tune according to the personal shape; the second is that the backpacks loading part is in the shape of "V". "Font, wide at the top, narrow at the bottom, thick at the top, thin at the bottom, and a basket shape after loading. This structure is more convenient for force transmission. TOP series backpacks adopts an ETA-3 adjustment device, the adjustment part is equipped with 3 holes, and the device is equipped with a structure pad to adjust the position of the holes, which can change the size of the backpack. Changing the position of the structural liner can make the center of gravity of backpacks move up and down.

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